Mystery of the Transformers



Images of the fictional robots can be seen etched into the tram rails in the Kamppi and Kluuvi districts of Helsinki.

The symbols were brought to the attention of the Finnish media a few years ago, and so far only two have been found. The symbols are engraved so professionally that it’s almost inconceivable that anyone could have made them after the track was laid.

The images are particularly amusing because in the fictional world of the Transformers franchise, any vehicle or metal object bearing this kind of a symbol is capable of transforming into a living robot.  On the tram tracks, one of the two symbols is the face of a protagonist Autobot, and the other is the face of an evil Decepticon.

So far the origins of the symbols remain a mystery, as Helsinki City Transport has denied all knowledge as to where they came from. The officials were apparently quite amused by the findings, but discouraged people from wandering along the tracks in search of more symbols.

There are basically two possible conclusions here: either the rail-makers have a sense of humor, or gigantic robot aliens are real. Either possibility is enough to make me smile.


Coming soon from Michael Bay: “Trams-formers: The Morning Commute.”


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